I’m Namiko,
Composer/Music Producer.

I’m currently working on..

“The Spirit of The River”

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Upcoming Films

The Pieces of You

Produced the original main theme song featuring Kana Wakanero. The full version of the song is releasing this fall.

Machi –The Pieces of You – short version
Feat. Kana Wakareno // The Main song for the short film "The Pieces of You"
The Official Trailer>>

The Cleaner and The Deadman

I’m going to work on the score for action packed epic film from Hawaii! This film is coming out in 2018. Stay tuned!!

The Official Trailer >>

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My first Album ” B I R D S “

I’m currently working on my very first album “B I R D S”.
The songs in this album are Instrumental / Environmental music included “Salt Marsh (full ver.)” , “Owl in White (full ver.)” and “Water Lilies” as a bonus track.

Please stay in tune! I will produce some art work and products for this album with my favorite Artist, Ryotaro Yagi.

Salt Marsh ( #Drama #Documentary #Nature )
#Drama #Documentary #Nature