“Nothing But Her” got selected by Cannes Short Film Corner!

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Nothing But Her goes to Cannes
The film “Nothing But Her” that I worked for the original music last year got selected as an official selection of Cannes Short Film Corner!

Thank the film crews for working hard for this film 🙂 and people who support us.

The score is made by mainly piano solo pieces.
I liked to express the sensitive emotional scenes by simply and purely piano sounds.

I’ve been experimenting some instruments by limiting orchestration, so I’m able to see what I really need to be done and focus those energy into just one tone. I love that!

I just finished the latest film “IKUSA”. Most of the scores play only asian percussions.
I studied a lot about Taiko and “Bird man” Score that also featured percussions.
You wouldn’t know how just rhythm can be funny, serious, ominous and sad.

The score will be uploaded soon!

Here is one of the scores, “Don’t Go Anywhere” from Nothing But Her.